A place to note vocabulary I’m learning or find important to programming. Since I’m writing this here, rather than just linking, is because it helps me learn. Therefore, what I say is not authoritative, but my understanding. It is also a work in progress. If the definition is missing or quoted, I don’t have a complete enough grasp to express it in my own words.

Do you have suggestions for vocabulary I’m missing or have wrong? Please comment.

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. I have a devil of a time remembering this because, I think, it’s basically just a label slapped on preexisting development approach. It is a concept, not a technology, or tool. Stateless web applications that pass data via HTTP are RESTful applications.

OData stands for Open Data Protocol.

Stateless web applications are designed to assume the server doesn’t remember what happened during the previous hit.

Lamda expressions

Expression trees

Generic functions



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