A plea to bloggers and tutorial authors–especially Microsoft

Please, please, please date your writing and include the versions of the products you’re writing about. Make it very obvious. It’s not helpful to find a tutorial that doesn’t include the version information, only to find that it doesn’t still apply, has been superseded, works differently, or needs, oh, say, updated namespaces and project references. I’m looking at you Visual Studio 2010 Prism and MVVM and MVC.


Between a rock and a hard place: Visual Studio 2010 service pack and LightSwitch

I wrote the following last week, but had to postpone publishing to work on something else. I’ll leave it intact, but conclude with an update that makes the rant only partially relevant.

Trying to use Visual Studio 2010 for developing three new projects over the past 6 months has felt like clawing my way out of a peat bog while wearing concrete overshoes: every step is excruciating and unproductive. I expected it to be a steep learning curve since I was jumping straight from VS.NET 1.1 to Visual Studio 2010. I did not expect to have so much pain just sussing out which combination of techniques and frameworks would be stable and productive. A steep learning curve is one thing: finding brick walls suddenly springing up at every third step is another. Continue reading