Blackberry, schmackberry

I’m eagerly awaiting the quickly approaching end to the my indentured servitude to my current cell phone contract. I’m not sure what I’ll go with next. I’m resisting the iPhone that with all my might, though the interface and open API is tempting. Besides, I’d like to stay with Verizon, however, their smart phone selection is underwhelming. I wish I could keep my Blackberry Pearl, which I love. So, why change?

  • The cost of Blackberry web connections is shocking. I haven’t started researching current costs, however, so perhaps it’s in line with the competition.
  • For a supposedly premier business tool RIM’s software for Blackberries looks and operates like first generation software. Very hard to see how they expect to compete with the likes of the iPhone.
  • RIM technical support is a misery.

Would I have selected a different phone if I had previewed the Desktop Manager before I bought into BlackBerry? Maybe since I do love the Pearl. I would have felt less aggrieved, though.

p.s. What *is* up with contracts anyway? I don’t understand why we are putting up with it. But then I don’t see why people put up with the prices cable and satellite TV charge.


2 thoughts on “Blackberry, schmackberry

  1. I too resisted the iPhone for the first year it was available in Canada. After all, my Win Mobile phone from 2003 did all the iPhone could and more – it just didn’t look as good (and at least I had cut and paste).

    But when my phone completely started dying, I had to switch and while my cell company wouldn’t let me upgrade to another phone for 18 months, they would let me upgrade to a cell phone (go figure).

    In the end, I’m super happy with the iPhone for the apps – I finally found a mind-mapping app that works flawlessly on it, and the fun apps are great. Maybe the Pre beats it on features and the Android is more open, but the iPhone’s apps really are second to none. It is a closed platform (iPhone apps don’t run on other phones) but then so is Windows, OS/X, etc.

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