Practical, on-line, CSS guides

Anyone who sees my clients websites knows that as a designer, I make a good programmer. Maybe my BFA is a liability, or, maybe I’m just bad at it. Either way, I can dither over choosing colors for hours even if I limit the palette to web-safe colors. I’m glad I don’t have to create graphics.

Given my limitation, my tack is to develop a modest StyleSheet with the basic elements and simple classes, and suggest that clients consult with a web designer to create an attractive and professional presence. So far they haven’t, but, hey, I try.

You can guess all this means I don’t really know diddlysquat about CSS. I need to know more. So, I periodically spend some time learning some new piece of it. My greatest lack til now has been an incomplete understanding of the syntax for combining…er…thingies . Oh, right, and my ignorance of terminology. Happily, I found exactly what I needed this morning.

  1. Design215 CSS Quick Reference is part glossary and part quick reminder of syntax.
  2. Code Style site has glossary and syntax, and some simple but helpful FAQs.
  3. Max Design has a useful explanation of selectors (“thingies”), in particular, descendant selectors, and which ones IE doesn’t support.

Now I’m off to wreak havoc with descendant selectors. Still not going to even think about colors, though.


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