Names, typing, and what a difference 10 years makes

Mother is always right. Just not always for the right reasons. For example, my mom didn’t give me middle name because “when [I] married, [I’d] use [my] maiden name as a middle name.”

I didn’t take my husband’s last name when I married, not out of principle, tho’ I am a feminist, but because it seemed silly and bothersome. In other words, why? (We didn’t have kids, so that question never came up, but there plenty simple solutions.)

I married in the mid-80’s. The first time we filed jointly the IRS 1040 didn’t have a space for two different last names. That was a fubar that was quickly remedied…by the next year if I recall correctly.

Anyway, I’ve never missed a middle name, and so Mom was right. I didn’t need a middle name.

Another example of Mom being right for the wrong reason–she made me take typing in 8th grade. “If all else fails, you’ll always be able to get work as a secretary.” Now that was irksome, to put it mildly. This was before I ever saw a computer, thus, found “my people,” as a friend said once. [1] I had no intention to ever be a secretary. (I would have been lousy at it, frankly.)

As much as I grumbled at the time, I was grateful the first time I sat at a keyboard. Except for more emphasis on shift number keys than my typing teacher envisioned, I was well prepared in at least the mechanics of being a programmer.

So, how fast do you type?

I wonder if I would type faster than 63 words if the test included bangs, hashes, and splats?

[1] Mom was no June Cleaver: she was just being practical about a girl’s likely opportunities in the early 70’s. (The Equal Credit Opportunity Act was passed in 1974. Before that women couldn’t apply for credit in all U.S. States in her own name. Let’s pause for a moment and consider what that implies…


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