Oh, I wish either there was such a DataFormatString, or, if there is one, that I could find it! It’s the VFP formatting I most wish I had in available to me in ASP.NET DataGrids.


For those poor souls who haven’t had the pleasure, that simple format option will display zero values as blanks. Très useful.


7 thoughts on “@Z

  1. Hi, Colin-

    I see I must have written carelessly.

    @Z is the VFP format flag that causes zeros to be displayed as blanks. Nothing to do with dates.

    Yes, there may be a C# format string that would do it, but I haven’t been able to suss it out.

    I haven’t wanted to dig into rolling my own because I just assume I haven’t figured it out.

    It’s just one of those things that’s very easy to do in one language but hard to do in other. (Every language has those things. I’m not picking on C#.)

    By the way, I’ve never found where to go for a comprehensive list of, or explanation for discovering, possible format strings. But that’s just an aside.

  2. Yup. Found it. Googled “a331f04a-7fa0-4dde-b190-078efd1a7227.htm” which took me to a site mostly in Cyrillic, but with “formatting types” in English. Voilà!

    I’ve gotten so frustrated trying to figure out what search string will find the topic I’m looking for in MS help, that I almost always just Google the subject. Much faster and peer information is almost always far better than MS help. That’s not an indictment of MS, just a fact that people who use the tools are the best people to give practical guidance.

    Anyway, thanks! Just goes to show sometimes it’s worth humiliating oneself by whining in public.

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