The worst experience I had backpacking came on the first day out on a hike in the Chiricahua Mountians in Arizona. What I found discouraging was that for every 1000 ft. in elevation gained, we had to lose, and then regain, several hundred feet. The last time we dropped down to the last reliable water source for three days and filled our water pouches. (I don’t marvel that Geronimo evaded troops for a year in those mountains. I marvel that he was ever caught.)

I thought of this trip again this morning when I sat down to start again on code I’ve been working on for the past four days. I was disgusted and discouraged. As the late Ed Rauh used to say, I felt it really was time to look for that job in the food service industry.

It’s not important what the code is, or why it’s discouraging. I do rather hope I’m not the only one who has moments when they think “what in the hell am I doing thinking I can program?” There’s nothing to do but push on.

Some days coding is just a slog uphill with 50 lbs of water and seven days of supplies.

It was a helluva trip.


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