Not-So-Minor Annoyances: Slow Open (and Save) File Dialogs in Microsoft Products

I spent some time today hunting down why using the Look in: field in the open and save file dialogs in Microsoft products murders flow. The “fix” is even more annoying than the problem.

First, the problem is caused by disconnected network mappings. Second, the “fix” is to remove the disconnected mappings. Brilliant.

For the love of petunias, people. We’ve been a mobile society since even before the PC.

I’m posting because it was somewhat difficult to find the actual cause. There was a wealth of aren’t-I-smart replies that were totally useless. “Press Ctr-Alt-Del and see what’s using all your processor time.”

If anyone knows of any tweaks, please, please, please, let me know. Otherwise, would someone slap an MS developer upside the head and suggest they fix it? Pretty please?

When a vender spends a lot of time envisioning the house of the future but can’t seem to imagine that I will use my notebook on different networks and will not want to have to recreate my mappings every time I move around just baffles me.

Or maybe this will be in Web 3.0?


4 thoughts on “Not-So-Minor Annoyances: Slow Open (and Save) File Dialogs in Microsoft Products

  1. After months of cursing at my laptop and tweaking the hell out of it, I finally come across a solution that works. Thanks for posting this! P.S. An MS developer really does need to be slapped for this.

  2. Hi there – I’m experiencing very similar problems to the one that you describe here – can you tell me which solution worked for you? Thanks a lot.

  3. Mark- Sorry for the delay in replying. There’s only solution that I could find. That’s to remove mappings to disconnected media/networks. Wish I could report a better solution. BTW, I’m using Windows XP. I don’t know if there behavior is different in Vista.

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