Tagged for FTY(P)DKAM (and here I thought I’d slipped under the radar)

Dang. I hate to be a party-pooper,  Kevin, not when you’re so darned nice about it. I’m disinclined to do the tag thing. Since I’m an open person, if there’s something people don’t know about me, it’s a good bet I like it that way! :-) Oh, well, here goes.
1. I’m a frustrated poet. Though not as frustrated as the Muses would be if I actually still attempted the art.

2. I hate the telephone and have at times gone for weeks without answering calls.

3. I would no more send a store bought condolence card than cut off my arm. This is one occassion that absolutely requires stationary and a little effort in thought and penmanship.

4.  I can swear like a sailor, and am proud my mother taught me how. That probably doesn’t count since anyone who knows me, knows this.

5. I have been known to cry at ridiciously sentimental commercials and movies.

As for futher tagging, I honestly think the bloggers I read have all been tagged already. No, I’m not bitter about being the last kid picked for the team. Ta!


2 thoughts on “Tagged for FTY(P)DKAM (and here I thought I’d slipped under the radar)

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