Stainless Beauty

Omanomanomanoman. I have two posts in draft on coding…one on a dilemna about design patterns and one about refactoring code that populates an HTML table via Asp.Net. However, I’m currently absorbed by the desire to sell my old P4 desktop. Most of the prep is no problem but after looking at the pics I was going to post on Craigslist (are there any real people left on eBay?) I knew I first needed to make my baby as shiny on the outside as it’s been on the inside. I want its next mama or papa to love it as much as I have.

Damn. I feel almost as sentimental about old development machines as I do about my grandmother’s silver.


One thought on “Stainless Beauty

  1. Hi, Gerald. No, it’s time for her to go out and be useful for someone else–maybe as an MP3 server. What a great idea! But for someone more music-minded than I. I listen to books when I’m mobile.

    Besides, I’m looking forward to not having the constant drone of the desktop’s fans whirring. Notebooks are sooooo much quieter.

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