FireFox Extensions: My $.02 USD

A popular blog topic these days is “My Favorite Firefox Extensions” That’s a bandwagon I’d like to jump on. I’d recently come to a Zen-like acceptance that Mozilla Thunderbird SUX as an RSS reader (IMHO, natch). The interface is fine, but the footprint is humongous and sluggish.

After looking into different options, I decided I’d try the Firefox Sage extension. So far I like it! It’s très easy to discover feeds on a web page and it’s easy to navigate through the feeds. It was a little weird to get used to the way it presents the most recent posts in the browser pane, but now that I’m used to it, I like it.

Web Developer is must-have for anyone doing web development, IMO. Very useful for utterly discouraging me from ever achieving cross-browser compatibility.

Tabbrowser Preferences lets me do some oddly useful things like have differently colored tabs.

I’ve used Forecastfox forever, and love it. The extension shows current and forecast weather in the status bar of the browser. You can customize the display a zillion different ways. Why I need this for the NW where it’s always “raining, will rain, and chances for rain” is anyone’s guess. :) The authors keep up with new Firefox versions really well. It’s terrific.

Others have mentioned Adblock, no explanation necessary, and now trying out Adblock Plus.

Also newly installed is FireFtp since I lost my installation file for Ftp Voyager version old, old, old. I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t say how it is, but I’m optimistic and it has a cute seahorse for an icon. Why a seahorse? Oh, well. It’s cute. And blue.

Googlebar (no explanation necessary) is indispensable.

IE View Lite is also useful for switching to IE for sites that aren’t Firefox-friendly.

I tried Cooliris Previews for a while. It is….clever…but not useful, at least not for me. I was sorry to uninstall it. I wanted to like it, but it was unnerving. Maybe there is a setting to delay the preview (it previews the target of a hyperlink on mouseover, but it didn’t interest me enough to go hunting.

That’s it. I like to every so often just go cruising to see what’s available. I love Firefox and I love the authors of the extensions. Cool stuff, people. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “FireFox Extensions: My $.02 USD

  1. Hi Nancy! One extension I’m fond of is “Aardvark”. I don’t use it often, but when I need it, I need it bad. It allows me to selectively remove items from any web page, something I do prior to printing or prior to a screen capture, and it also allows me to “Black on White”-around some designers’ warped ideas of contrasting readability.

    Others I use often include “MeasureIt” (to measure items on web pages), “IE View” which is a quick tunnel to view the current page in IE and, possibly the most useful of all, “Image Zoom”.

  2. Hi, Steven! Dang, if I’d know you were gonna visit, I’d have picked up. Thanks for the tip about Aardvark, I’m going to grab that and Image Zoom right now. I’d forgotten about MeasureIt. I used to have it installed and then lost it along the way. Not sure why or when. It is quite useful. Thanks for commenting.

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