Air travel = Crap; Phoenix = Sun; Fox = Great People

As I pack for my trip to Phoenix for SW Fox (yea!) I’m reminded once again how little like excitement are my feelings for air travel.

Can any human being travel with only toiletries bottled and labeled in 3 oz. or less that will fit in a 1 qt. Ziplock ™ bag? Much less a woman? And, hey, I’m not even competent in the girl department. Sheesh. My contact lens solution doesn’t even come in containers smaller than 4 oz. Guess I’ll check my luggage. *sigh*

On the upside, I’ll be in Phoenix where it will be sunny and warm and the streets laid out in a regular, grid-like pattern. I’ve been in Seattle long enough that I appreciate occasional forays into high lumens.

The best part, by far, is that I’ll get to be with FoxPro people, who taught Microsoft the value of community. (Don’t ask me what I think Microsoft has done to the notion of community. *ahem*)

Of the FoxPro people I’m most looking forward to hearing and seeing is Jim Booth .  Jim was an old-school MVP–a guy who could communicate effectively without pretense or buzzword what people needed to know to be better programmers. Jim, and a handful of others, were once the gold standard for what it meant to be a Microsoft MVP. He still is in my book. I wonder if there’s still time to grow a beard in homage?


One thought on “Air travel = Crap; Phoenix = Sun; Fox = Great People

  1. Nancy,
    If you don’t take care and actually pack all those toiletries without getting them mixed up, you may well find that you DO grow the beard in homage!

    Have a great time out there. Wish I was going…..maybe next year perhaps .

    Dave Crozier

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