Dogwood Seasons

I have two trees in my yard, one of which is a dog wood that I can see from my home office.

Nascent buds covered it when I came to look at the house I eventually bought. When I moved in some six weeks later, the tree was madly in bloom with the most lovely soft flowers.

I love everything about this species. The canopy is perfect for birds to rest between feeding while keeping an eye out for neighborhood cats. The bark is lovely, mottled as it is with mixtures of grays and lichen-green. It’s small so it doesn’t overwhelm my cramped yard.

And, did I mention the blooms? <sigh> Thanks, Dawn, for prompting me to sit back and just look at this welcome tree this morning.


2 thoughts on “Dogwood Seasons

  1. Dawn- Funny, I couldn’t say exactly why the dogwood should inspire such poetic feelings..It’s not grand like redwood, or weirdly fascinating like a boojum, but it’s still splendid. I’m really enjoying your photos, by the way. Glad you’re sharing them online. Oh, and I updated the links. Thanks.

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