Would you like the red or purple flavored Kool-Aid®?

Welcome to my splog. Is it possible to write an introductory blog post without sounding self-conscious? Perhaps it is if one isn’t ambivelent about it. Despite my reservations about blogging, here I am.

Blogging is, in part, glitter glued to the old moldering soapbox. How fascinating can it be to examine one’s belly button in front of an unseen audience that could be any or no size? Shouldn’t it be harder to publicize an opinion, just as science is better when it’s peer-reviewed? The mere popularity of some thing or some idea doesn’t make it good or worth considering. The noisome aspect of blogging is that quality is too easily confused with popularity. At least with a trendy gadget or fashion there are physical hinderances that challenge the production of physical goods.
An admittedly selfish and probably childish worry is that blogging seems to be becoming a substitute for intimacy. Do friends have to sit in the audience to be friends? Does every member of the audience have a claim on friendship?? There is a quote floating about the ‘Net, attributed to Anais Nin, that makes the point that writing can be a way to distance the writer from the subject. A warning and a promise?

That said, writing is a great activity–it can clarify, crystallize, and expunge the ideas that meddle with our brains. Publicly airing our ideas challenges ourselves and our community.I hope to do that here with my writing. To paraphrase Augusta Savage, don’t tell me what you like, tell me what I can do to improve.
Lest ye forget there be dragons, here’s a reminder to myself and another other introspectives out there: get out and deal with flesh and blood people with some regularity.


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